[Webinar] Bring container security into OpenShift with Synopsys Operator

Modern applications contain over 50% open source components. Do you have an open source vulnerability management solution for your container environment?

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The Synopsys Operator Brings Container Security Into OpenShift

Synopsys and Red Hat work together to help customers manage their open source components and associated risks inside container images. Black Duck for OpenShift automatically scans, identifies, and monitors open source in all container images deployed in OpenShift. It performs deep container inspection on both operating system and application layers to identify open source security, license, and compliance risks.

Join Dave Meurer from Synopsys and John Tietjen from Red Hat as we explore the following topics:

  • The Synopsys application security portfolio
  • Black Duck for OpenShift architecture
  • The certified Synopsys Operator in the Red Hat OpenShift Operator Hub
  • OpenShift 4 Black Duck OpsSight demonstration on a CRI-O container
  • A sneak preview of Black Duck’s Clair scanner

What: Open Demo: The Synopsys Operator Brings Container Security Into OpenShift

When: Thursday, Sept. 17 @ 12 pm. Eastern / 9 a.m. Pacific

Who: John Tietjen, solutions architect manager, Red Hat; Dave Meurer, senior manager technical alliance, Synopsys

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