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Introducing a Better Way to Learn Sonatype Products

It’s not news that tech companies move at blazing speeds. In order to stay competitive, we are innovative, rapid in our deployments, and always thinking ahead. This breakneck pace of continuous improvement, feature releases, and updates are part of what make us who we are. But with this pace comes risks.

“Just because you know your product inside and out, and its nuances and logic make perfect sense to you,” says Elucidat CEO Steve Penfold, “It’s unwise to assume this will be the case for your customers.”

Developers are intimately aware of how their products work. They know interfaces, processes, and back-ends better than anyone. They can click through any series of steps swiftly and effortlessly. Everything makes perfect sense to them. How could it not? They built it!

Now All of Us are Software Troubleshooting Researchers

Here’s a familiar situation. You’re cruising along with a piece of software you’re pretty familiar with, then, seemingly out of nowhere, you’re stuck. Dead End. Do not pass Go; Do not collect $200.

So now what?

You take to your favorite search engine, and in as few (or maybe as many) words as possible, you outline your issue, often including things like the name of the software and version.

Surely someone has had this issue before, right? RIGHT?! Not always. Worse, your new role as software troubleshooting researcher has pulled you away from your job. Your company invested in this tool to help you do your job and now the software is an impediment. You’ve spent an entire afternoon not doing your job.

Next stop, tech support: tickets, shared files, and other hurdles to completion. More time lost.

A Better Way to Bridge the Value Gap – ASAP

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, when users extract value from (Read more...)

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