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5 Benefits of Integrating Sonatype’s Nexus IQ Server with your IDE

Nexus IQ Server (IQ) for Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) provides development teams with direct access to Sonatype’s comprehensive component intelligence. We currently provide IDE integration with IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and Visual Studio.

Nexus IQ integration for Visual Studio

Figure 1: Nexus IQ integration for Visual Studio.

But will integrating IQ Server into your IDE make you better at your job? We’ll go over the top five benefits of how installing our plugins helps you get things done.

1Works Where You Work

IDEs are powerful because they show code hints and code style guidelines, allowing you to fix code and triage if issues are identified. Similarly, a Nexus IQ IDE integration lets developers make informed decisions when selecting your projects’ components — all in the integrated development environment that you’re used to.

2Better Info Means Better Applications

You’ll see security, license, and other quality information for components before development even begins, and also have access to that data for direct and transitive dependencies used within development projects. This reduces tedious, manual research requirements.

3You Have the Power

Integrating Nexus IQ Server with an IDE helps push decision making power into your hands, ensuring that components selected for use in an application match company expectations. It provides developers with the ability to make better choices early, saving time further down the lifecycle.

4Ease of Remediation

You can easily identify violations, then identify a path to remediate and choose better components. If a different version is available without vulnerabilities, it’s shown as a Recommended Version in your IDE. Selecting the recommended version activates the Migrate button, which you can use to start project refactoring.

5Focus on Security

We get it, it’s not your day job. But focusing on security is increasingly important in modern software development. Gone are the days of working in your development silo. Using an IQ (Read more...)

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