Simply Healthcare Plans Makes Access Easy With Idaptive

With Idaptive, Simply Healthcare Plans has easy access for existing employees and can onboard new employees in a snap.

Simply Healthcare

Simply Healthcare Plans is in the business of providing access. As a health maintenance organization, its mission is to offer health plans for people enrolled in Medicaid and / or Medicare programs that are designed around meeting the unique needs of its members. The company and its affiliates offer its more than 200,000 members access to a network of over 10,000 doctors, 165 hospitals and hundreds of ancillary providers and pharmacies throughout Florida.

When it came to providing access for its own growing base of employees, however, Simply Healthcare was buried in a mountain of help desk tickets for password resets plus hours and hours spent by IT onboarding new employees. The company decided to make the switch to Microsoft 365 to make access to email and company documents easier for its employees, while dramatically cutting back the time IT spends dealing with simple issues with its on-premise email system and Office suite.

Richard Smith, director of IT Infrastructure and Network Operations at Simply Healthcare knew the company needed a federated identity solution, but also knew he wanted to avoid the time and money required to build out an Active Directory Federation Services system. The company was also in the midst of its own digital transformation and needed a single sign-on solution that easily expanded to other cloud-based apps and services, all while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Through our reseller partner SoftwareOne, Simply Healthcare found Idaptive and Smith immediately saw an identity platform that would help him make the organizational changes he needed. Simply Healthcare used Idaptive’s Jump Start service so it had a dedicated engineer to respond to any questions or issues while the company rolled Idaptive out.

“It was a huge benefit to take advantage of the Jump Start program especially since we were deploying the solution ourselves,” Smith said. “Jump Start cut deployment time in half.”

The results spoke for themselves.

“Idaptive eased the transition to Office 365 significantly. It was a matter of minutes and we were federated. It’s incredibly easy to deploy an app and make it available to users. I can’t say enough about how valuable it’s been for us,” Smith said, estimating that the manpower cost for his team to build out Active Directory Federation Services would have been in the thousands, as well as a huge burden on his six-person IT team.

Idaptive immediately removed a ton of complexity and friction for existing employees and made onboarding new employees a snap.

“On any given Monday, 60 to 70 percent of all help desk tickets were for password resets.

With a small help desk team supporting a thousand users, it was a challenge,” says Smith. “After switching to Idaptive, we rarely see tickets for username and password resets.”

Idaptive is also HIPAA compliant and actually made accounting and auditing easier for Simply Healthcare.

“Reporting capabilities are essential in maintaining HIPAA compliance, and you can really minimize risk when you can see what everybody’s doing and when,” Smith said. “Idaptive makes the job of the auditors much easier.”

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