Pai’s Incompetence Leads FCC (and the Nation) Down Flawed Path

via the inimitable Jon Brodkin, reporting from Ars Technica, comes this superlative piece of short-form reportage, detailing the utter incompetence of Agit Pai’s FCC Commissioner’s Board including himself, of course). And what do we owe this significantly dissappointing determination of the glaring lack of governing capabilities of these political appointees? Read Mr. Brodkin’s report, and you will be in the ‘know’, as it were.

‘A new broadband mapping system is starting to show just how inaccurate the Federal Communications Commission’s connectivity data is. …() In Missouri and Virginia, up to 38% of rural homes and businesses that the FCC counts as having broadband access actually do not, the new research found. That’s more than 445,000 unconnected homes and businesses that the FCC would call “served” with its current system.’ – via Jon Brodkin, writing at Ars Technica with this timely reportage

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