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Launching the Melbourne Scrubbing Centre

We are excited to announce the launch of Akamai’s newest scrubbing centre in Australia. While Akamai has been protecting ANZ customers from large and complex DDoS attacks for years, the new Melbourne scrubbing centre will allow us to provide higher resilience and reduce latency for in-region traffic. Listen to a webinar to learn more about the new Melbourne Scrubbing Centre.  Register now.

In August 2019, Melbourne will become an integral part of the Prolexic DDoS mitigation platform that will now have 19 scrubbing centres deployed globally.  The Melbourne addition will complement Akamai’s existing regional footprint that includes Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Osaka and Singapore scrubbing centres and will extend the overall attack fighting capability and resiliency of the Prolexic platform in the ANZ region.  This build will also contribute to our attack fighting bandwidth, bringing our dedicated capacity to 8.0 Tbps globally. The Melbourne scrubbing centre will be available for attack fighting and for customers to provision GRE tunnels in mid-August.

What does this mean to Prolexic customers? 

From the perspective of how Akamai mitigates attacks, very little changes. DDoS attacks (even those targeting ANZ customers) start from around the world and are mitigated by all of Akamai’s 19 global scrubbing centres. 

For ANZ customers, the Melbourne scrubbing centre will add in-region resilience and provide assurance that traffic routed through Akamai will remain in-region, even when mitigating an attack. Following the Melbourne scrubbing centre launch, Akamai will also perform a significant upgrade and maintenance of our Sydney scrubbing centre in early October. This event involves adding new features and tooling to Sydney due to Melbourne now being available, and will enable customers to benefit from increased capacity CIR plans (up to 8.0 Gbps per customer data center) better support our 0-second SLA, provide IPv6 support within ANZ, and will complete a carrier upgrade and diversification plan to better align our tier 1 providers and peering partners to customer needs. This upgrade – in tandem with the Melbourne turn-up – will will also pave the way by enabling us to deploy features and tools in the future to further benefit regional Prolexic customers with added visibility and control. 

Akamai has always invested across our platforms to ensure that our DDoS mitigation capacity well exceeds anything and everything that attackers might throw at our customers. Additionally, as attackers have developed capabilities to quickly ramp attacks to hundreds of Gbps in minutes, we have adapted our platform to be closer to our customers so that they can enjoy the resilience and performance benefits of being ‘always-on’ and continuously routed through the Prolexic platform. We recently introduced our 0-second SLA, with network profiling tools to proactively implement defensive measures to stay a step ahead of attackers.

How can I learn more?

Please feel free to contact us via your account team for specifics, or click on the “Get In Touch” button to the right. Meantime – if you’re a current Prolexic Routed customer – your account rep will be in contact with you, and you will be hearing more about upcoming maintenances and service feature availability, including the opportunity to add GRE tunnels to Melbourne, 0-second SLA, and the upcoming global upgrade to Routed 3.0.

You can also learn more about the new Melbourne Scrubbing Centre by attending a webinar on Thursday 22 August at 12:30pm AEST. This webinar will be recorded and made available on demand.  Register now.  

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