Hong Kong Violence Instigated by Jason Bourne

A message was sent to Washington via China Daily July 25, when Beijing warned about bringing Taiwan and Hong Kong into the greater U.S.-China trade discussions.

Then the fun started.

The social network Twitter saw numerous allegations levied against individuals present at the Hong Kong demonstrations that the protesters were receiving direct instruction from the Central Intelligence Agency.

One individual, a caucasian male, was identified as living undercover as a school teacher in Hong Kong, while another, also a caucasian male, was identified as hiding under cover in Hong Kong as a journalist. The ensuing dialog from concerned citizens attempted to confirm the allegations being made.

But the winner comes from an individual identified as a pro-Beijing supporter and mouthpiece.

She posted this jewel, which has the loose translation that Jason is the one behind stirring the citizens of Hong Kong and the resulting violence for the CIA.

Hong Kong violence
Hong Kong violence instigator Jason Bourne

Sadly, this is serious business and the populace of Hong Kong has garnered Beijing’s attention. The meat and potatoes of the editorial in the China Daily appeared to be setting a table.

Beijing is engaging in a bit of socialization of the idea of a foreign hand in the affairs of Hong Kong.

There are two veins to their strategy. The first is to project to Hong Kong residents that Beijing “realizes this isn’t the vast majority’s opinion” and it’s only happening because of the CIA or other outside element. The second vein allows Beijing to come up with solutions which the Hong Kong government may find repugnant but could be justified because of foreign influence and send in the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) to clear the streets and maintain order.

What Was the Message Being Sent to Washington?

  • The United States again sent a warship through the Taiwan Straits, which was taken as a provocation.
  • Beijing will not hesitate to take whatever action it thinks necessary to defend the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
  • The U.S. has turned a blind eye to the vandalizing of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s Legislative Council by the rioters , the attack on the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong and the defacing of the national emblem. Instead, it has blithely talked about freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly.
  • “It does not take a Sherlock Holmes to conclude that the CIA has been – to whatever degree removed — behind the more extreme acts. Which should be no surprise given its long history of meddling elsewhere,” wrote China Daily.

Beijing is flailing for someone to blame for the Hong Kong protests other than the Central Government, and their loyal populace is out beating the bushes to provide one.

In this instance, Jason Bourne appears to be the identified scapegoat.

Christopher Burgess

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