Five reasons to visit the Clearswift booth at Billington Cybersecurity Summit


Now in its 10th year, the Billington Cybersecurity Summit brings together federal industry thought leaders to examine the state of the current cybersecurity market, highlighting ways to enhance best practices and strengthen cyber defences. Billington Cybersecurity Summit is being held at the Washington Convention Center from September 4-5, 2019 in Washington DC. With over 75 world-class speakers and 50 exhibitors, attendees can learn about the top cyber challenges facing government organisations and network with companies that can help them meet these demands. 

Clearswift is delighted to be sharing its cyber expertise at the event. Below are five reasons to visit our booth (#400) at the event: 

  1. 1. Clearswift has over 20 years’ experience innovating in the data security industry – Clearswift has spent more than 20 years developing software to secure critical information flowing through digital collaboration channels. Clearswift’s world-renowned Gateway products, covering email and web security, are deployed in some of the largest government and defense organizations across the globe, as well as being recognized on the Gartner Magic Quadrant and The Forrester Wave for Data Loss Prevention.

  1. 2. Clearswift has an award-winning product range – For organisations that need the highest level of content threat protection, Clearswift products go beyond the levels of what is traditionally offered in the market. Built into all Clearswift’s products is a robust Deep Content Inspection Engine and unique Adaptive Redaction technology, allowing the products to maximise detection rates and minimize false positives – a key challenge within information-critical environments. 

  1. 3. See Clearswift’s technology in action – the team will be demonstrating the capabilities of the product range on the booth for the duration of the event. Come and talk to us about our solutions for: 

  1. a, Improving control of regulated ITAR information The US Government has substantially increased action against organizations and individuals responsible for breeches of the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR). Find out how Clearswift’s SECURE Email Gateway (SEG) helps to secure against ITAR breaches, protecting the organization and ensuring compliance with the regulation. 

  1. b, Secure file sharing gain full control of how and when information is shared both internally and externally with Clearswift’s Secure ICAP Gateway. Managed data flows can be easily defined to exchange information through a portal to address the need to share large files securely and in a cost-effective manner. 

  1. c, Supporting cross domain implementation requirements – with a growing requirement to share confidential information within departments, across national borders and throughout supply chains, federal organizations are looking to Cross Domain Solutions to help inspect, validate and verify data before it is sent or received into or between networks. Discover how Clearswift’s SECURE Web Gateway and SECURE Email Gateway can be set up to handle sophisticated policies and configured to filter the content on the traffic flow and prepare it to pass through a cross domain solution. 

  1. 4. Find out why images present a new data loss threat – Learn about Clearswift’s innovative security features which combat next-generation data loss risks through images. Image files evade scanning by many of today’s security solutions, but they can often contain highly sensitive information, for example, scanned ‘top secret’ documents converted to PDFs. Clearswift olutions with built-in Optical Character Recognition can analyze, detect and redact text within images to prevent data loss risks through these file types. Furthermore, Clearswift’s anti-steganography feature sanitizes images disrupting the successful exfiltration of sensitive information or execution of malicious code that might be hidden inside them.

  1. 5. Network with the Clearswift team – Manning the Clearswift booth is Chief Technology Officer, Dr Guy Bunker, US Federal Account Manager, Eugene Stromecki, Senior Sales Engineer, Scott Messick, and Channel Sales Manager, Melvin Montalvo. The team will be on hand to demonstrate and share information on ways to enhance your existing information security strategy and they’ll have some nifty giveaways on offer too. 

We look forward to seeing you at Billington! 

Additional information: 

To see the senior cybersecurity experts speaking at the event, click here for the agenda.  

To register to attend the Billington cybersecurity Summit, click here.

Read more about Clearswift’s Advance Threat Protection and Adaptive Data Loss Prevention product range for information-critical environments. 


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