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Cybersecurity engineer certifications


It may be a bit counterintuitive to say this, but cybersecurity engineers are not the only people that are either looking for or need to have cybersecurity engineering certifications. While some may be full-on security professionals, others may have positions in other IT realms but working for organizations where security is the order of the day. Because of these reasons, cybersecurity engineer certifications are among the most popular in the field today and have a massive amount of information to be able to provide to test takers. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at cybersecurity engineer certifications. Due to the sheer amount of information that cybersecurity engineering certifications cover, most certification bodies have what they consider to be a “baseline” certification, along with an advanced version of that certification. Because of this, trying to narrow our list down to five selections was extremely difficult, so we’ll be adding on a bonus certification this time around.

What Is Cybersecurity Engineering?

Let’s take a step back for a second and explain what we mean by cybersecurity engineering. Management lays down recommendations and rules on what needs to be done, Administration makes sure they keep running, but Engineering figures out how it’s all going to work together. They spec out and design the proposal and then implement the systems, backups and redundancies that will make sure that whatever solution is decided upon actually is capable of doing the job far down the line. Additional IT positions also need to understand these basics so that they can wrap their heads around the concepts that are critical to their own responsibilities. 

DoD 8570 Compliance

We’ll also be addressing a key element that many looking at cybersecurity engineering jobs need to consider — Department of Defense Directive 8570 compliance. DoD 8570 isn’t a (Read more...)

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