CySA+: Comparable certifications (SSCP, GSEC)

Introduction: A pathway for a career in the cyber-realm

The field of IT is both wide and varied, with lots of career pathway options as CyberSeek shows. This sector, in particular, is plagued by a dangerous shortage of qualified workers in the United States, with risks for the digital privacy and the infrastructure of many companies. 

So what is the best way to create the supply to fill that demand? Offering options for professionals to embrace a clear career pathway and being able to prove the knowledge they have acquired is one of the important steps to take. Certifications can help in that effort. The right qualification can help an IT practitioner break into a fast-growing field like cybersecurity. 

Studying for a credential has several advantages. It helps professionals focus their effort in a specific niche of the cybersecurity world; it serves as a guide for all the topics that are needed to succeed in that particular area; and it makes them more competitive for any job vacancy by showing they have the right, up-to-date knowledge and the will to keep training that most employers are looking for.

The important thing, however, is for professionals to concentrate on the right credential. This needs to be a credential that fits their aspirations, career goals and level, as well as what is currently in need by potential employers.

Choosing the right certification for career success in cybersecurity

So what’s the next step in your career ladder? Let’s take a closer look at some popular IT security certifications. This will help you easily select the one that most closely aligns to where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

An interesting chart published by the analytics software company Burning Glass Technologies clearly shows the credentials that (Read more...)

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