Bricata and Atlantic Data Forensics Formalize Strategic Partnership

Two Howard County, Maryland Cybersecurity Businesses Form Strategic Partnership

August 28, 2019 – Columbia, Md. – Bricata, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive network protection, announced today a strategic partnership with Atlantic Data Forensics (ADF), a leading provider of digital forensics and incident response services (DFIR).

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When a DFIR team is deployed to help an organization respond to a cybersecurity crisis, such as data breaches, insider threats, or suspected malicious network activity, Bricata is one of the important tools on which Atlantic Data Forensics relies. Bricata helps incident responders quickly understand what is happening on a network, detect threats, identify malicious files, and aid in the incident response process.

“Bricata has integrated all the best network monitoring tools into a single platform and has made it really simple to use and maintain,” said ADF CEO Brian Dykstra. “Our team can respond to a client incident, implement Bricata, and have complete visibility into what’s happening on their network within minutes. ADF appreciates Bricata’s advanced threat detection and packet capture features, as well as the ease of management. Bricata’s Central Management Console is the best we have seen regarding the ability to manage and maintain a large distributed network of sensors.”

ADF was an early adopter of the Bricata technology and has been a client of Bricata for more than two years. Bricata’s solution includes the two best network monitoring tools available, Suricata and Zeek (formerly Bro), packaged with the Emerging Threats Pro detection rules in a tightly-integrated, seamless platform built for ease-of-use, deployment, and management. ADF recommends Bricata to its clients who are struggling with outdated or cobbled together home-grown IDS solutions.

Bricata was founded in 2014 to improve the way intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) worked. Today, its solution has evolved to provide full-spectrum threat detection and threat hunting capabilities that provides comprehensive network protection alongside post-detection actions.

“We’re very pleased to expand our relationship with Atlantic Data Forensics – combining their incident response expertise with our technology working with clients to mitigate serious cybersecurity concerns,” said Bricata CEO John Trauth. “Our partnership also speaks volumes to the opportunities – thriving ecosystem of cybersecurity investment, innovation, research and talent – in Maryland and Howard County.”

Bricata has continued to set itself apart for its novel approach to network security. For example, earlier this year, the company was recently named as a representative vendor in two separate reports for network traffic analysis (NTA) and IDPS, respectively, published by a leading technology research and advisory firm.

Last year, Bricata was recognized as a business driving technology innovation in the Greater Washington metropolitan region when it was selected for the inaugural list of NVTC Tech 100 companies. In addition, the security trade publication CSO Online named Bricata to its list of best security software solutions based on an independent review of the product: Bricata adds threat hunting to traditional IPS/IDS.

Atlantic Data Forensics has been providing a range of DFIR services for more than a decade. Among the services, it provides include computer and network forensics, incident response, data breach investigations, legal holds, early case assessment, e-discovery, and expert witness testimony.

About Bricata
Bricata is the leader in comprehensive network protection. The Bricata solution provides unparalleled network visibility, full-spectrum threat detection, true threat hunting, and post-detection capabilities in an intuitive, tightly integrated and self-managing system. Its automated detection, productive GUIs, and expert system workflows make it easy-to-use for novices; while granular control of its engines, access to rich network metadata and PCAPs, and true threat hunting capabilities give experts the power and control they demand. Bricata has been proven to speed incident resolution by eight times by reliably detecting threats and providing the context necessary to get to the truth quickly and act. For more information visit

About Atlantic Data Forensics
For more than 12 years, Atlantic Data Forensics (ADF) has been providing a full range of digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) services, including computer and network forensics, data breach response and investigation, legal holds, early case assessment, e-discovery and expert witness testimony. The company’s senior-level investigators and engineers have helped clients nationally and internationally in vertical markets such as higher education, healthcare, technology, law firms and the legal community, and many others. ADF manages client matters with integrity and has earned a reputation for fielding the latest techniques and technologies to uncover the truth. For more information visit

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