What does a vulnerability verification specialist do?

Lauren McCaslin, vulnerability verification team lead for the Threat Research Center at WhiteHat Security, discusses her path to becoming a vulnerability verification specialist and what it’s like to have a career focused on cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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In the podcast, McCaslin and host Chris Sienko discuss:

– When did you first get interested in computers and security? (1:15)
– What is a vulnerability verification specialist and what are your daily duties? (2:45)
– Is there a common procedure you follow when discovering a vulnerability? (4:15)
– What skills, certifications or experiences should someone be working towards if they want to become a vulnerability verification specialist? (6:00)
– Where do vulnerability researchers work? (8:55)
– Do you think certain certifications are on the rise or becoming less desirable? (11:10)
– What’s one thing listeners can do to get closer to a career in vulnerability research? (11:55)
– What are the tools and skills you use when communicating with clients? (12:55)
– Can you tell us more about the women of WhiteHat group and its purpose? (14:55)
– What can the tech industry do to help build a more diverse workforce? (16:30)
– Where does a vulnerability verification specialist fit on the career path and what other positions can they move into? (19:45)
– What projects are you working on at WhiteHat now? (21:35)

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