The Gift of Access

The Gift of Access

I have spent the bulk of my Navy career working to inspire transformational change both at the unit and enterprise levels. Though my navy career is over, I remain committed to helping others do the same. I recently read Greg Satell’s Cascades: How to Create a Movement that Drives Transformational Change, and was once again reminded that driving change within an organization is both art and science.

Many people think Authentic8’s Silo platform is a browser for the zero trust web. It most certainly is that and so much more.

After serving within the core of the Department of Defense for years, the new collaboration tools I had at my disposal as a member of the Defense Innovation Unit blew my mind. I say ‘new’ not because they were new, as they were the very tools that the private sector has been using for years – webmail, video conferencing, file sharing, and work management platforms. They were ‘new’ to me because they remain largely inaccessible to those serving across the public sector.

In a previous post, I mentioned that the public sector is somewhat conflicted in how they operate the network and provide access to the outside world. Some do it more responsibly than others, but none can responsibly deliver access to the tools that are now commonplace in the commercial world. And that access is truly a gift.

The Gift of Access

Yes, our Silo platform is a great way to minimize risk, restore trust, and manage attribution. Chief Information Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, and cyber defenders of all kinds love those attributes. Though many end-users don’t necessarily appreciate the direct value of risk, trust, and attribution, all can get behind the enhanced productivity value proposition Silo presents.  

While serving at the Defense Innovation Unit, I was grateful for the tools we had access to, and I don’t think I had ever been more productive. At the same time, I felt a bit guilty and frustrated. Guilty that my teammates in the Pentagon and elsewhere didn’t have the same access. Frustrated that when I communicated with them electronically, I had to revert to 20th-century communications means.

While in uniform, I wasn’t able to give my fellow service members the gift of access to commercially available collaboration tools as I had hoped. As an Authentic8er, I remain committed to doing precisely that.

Authentic8’s Silo cloud browser is designed to create a perfect isolation layer between users and the web. That said, we know the real power in our platform is helping teammates generate the outcomes they desire by enabling responsible collaboration through connected Silos.  In essence, we are a means of simultaneously enhancing productivity and decreasing network attack surface while gifting responsible access to the outside world.

We aren’t merely in the browser for the zero trust web business. We are also in the transformational change enablement business. And we look forward to partnering with you as you continue to champion a cascade of change within your organization.

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