SEVillage at DerbyCon 9.0

DerbyCon 9.0

It’s DerbyCon 9.0, and we at Social-Engineer are incredibly grateful to have been a part of DerbyCon through our SEVillage, speaking opportunities, and trainings for the past 5 years.


Catch Chris Hadnagy, (@humanhacker), present “Dynamic Risk Taking and Social Engineering,” on taking risks as part of being a social engineer. Taking risks is not in everyone’s nature, yet for some, it comes as second nature. What lessons can we glean from breaking into banks and armed facilities, and how can we apply them to breaking into the field of social engineering as career? What can we learn about the rules of risk taking when we want to be a professional social engineer?


Register for our training “Practical OSINT for Everyday Social Engineers,” taught by Ryan MacDougall,  Sr. Social Engineer Pentester (@joemontmania), and Colin Hadnagy, Human Risk Analyst (@UnmaskedSE). Information is the lifeblood of the social engineer. But now there is so much information available, it can be overwhelming. How can we dial in and narrow your focus in ways that will enhance your social engineering abilities? This course will show you the techniques, tricks, and tips used by the professional social engineering penetration testers of Social-Engineer, LLC. This two-day course is NOT a laundry list of tools. We’ll share the methodology, processes, and our own experiences that allow us to successfully apply information to plan and launch realistic social engineering scenarios for our clientele. Having the information is only half of what you need. This class is designed with a live practical challenge as part of the training that will give you a chance to put your skills to applicable use – live and in person.

Keep up with all our updates for the SEVillage at DerbyCon and we’ll see you at the finish line!

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