Impostor syndrome, burnout and the challenges of a career in security

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Susan Morrow, head of research and development at Avoco Secure, returns to the podcast to discuss her 20 years in the security industry, how she landed a fortune 500 client working from her bedroom, and the growing role of women in the industry.

In the podcast, Morrow and host Chris Sienko discuss:

– When did you first get interested in security? (1:20)
– Tell us about the many different cybersecurity hats you’ve had to wear at Avoco Secure and elsewhere? (4:10)
– What are some of the typical job duties and projects you work on? (8:10)
– What kind of hours do you work and what’s your daily schedule like? (12:00)
– You’ve criticized sexism in the industry in the past. Do you think people speaking up are helping change the industry? (14:50)
– How can you help people get past impostor syndrome? (20:50)
– Why are women not applying for open infosec positions? (31:20)
– Do you have any examples of how a diverse team leads to better products? (36:55)

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