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SBN Cybersecurity analyst interview questions and answers


Cybersecurity analysts are a highly sought-after type of information security specialist that help to analyze and interpret the current security stance of an organization. They are responsible for the monitoring of threats and security issues as they show up on the network. They also fill an educational role by highlighting best practices and user training. 

Although a security analyst will most likely not be doing the actual training themselves, they will make all of the necessary recommendations. The most serious threats need to be communicated to the rest of the company as soon as they surface.

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Cybersecurity analysts also conduct security exercises such as penetration tests and vulnerability scanning. They generate reports and document their findings so that the necessary fixes can be applied. If there are budgetary considerations, that need to be taken into account. Then a full report, including a risk assessment and potential threat impact assessment will be generated to convey the seriousness of the assessment. This can all help to motivate the purchasing of new software and hardware, the hiring of new staff and the training and education of users. 

Based on all of this information, we can now move onto the interview questions and see how you can prepare for your next job interview.

1. Where do you get your news and the latest information about cybersecurity?

Some popular cybersecurity news resources include:

Obviously add your own resources to the mix, but sites like the examples above are the kinds of sites that can give you some good information about what is happening in the world of cybersecurity.

Why did they ask that? This question is usually asked as a way to gauge your interest in cybersecurity. This is a (Read more...)

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