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Information is an invaluable currency for pharmaceutical companies. Whether it’s intellectual property worth millions or more, sensitive information about patients participating in clinical trials, or any other number of things related to product development, it’s imperative that pharmaceutical companies keep their information safe. That safety is critical for Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd., which is why they turned to Idaptive to secure their identity and access management.

Challenging Disparate Solutions

Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd. is responsible for European input into the global product development pipeline of its parent company, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd., one of Japan’s leading biopharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, securing the company’s identity and access across all of its European offices was proving to be difficult. Chugai Europe used three different tools to provide single sign-on (SSO), enterprise mobility management (EMM) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) across the company’s European and US divisions — Chugai Pharma Europe, Ltd.

With a limited IT staff in each location, managing these separate solutions created unnecessary strain and considerable expense. Along with the obvious need to streamline and consolidate their IAM tools, the company was also looking for a more advanced MFA solution that provided for endpoint and mobile context and user behavior analytics, as well as a flexible platform that would work with different apps and systems.

“We have a mix of cloud and traditional on-premises web apps and we needed to provide secure access to all of them,” said David Howell, IT Associate Director at Chugai Europe. “The SSO solution we were using was very effective for cloud-based apps but lacked any capabilities to address our on-premises applications. And while they also provided an EMM component, there wasn’t the level of control we needed.”


After finding out about Idaptive through a Gartner Magic Quadrant, Howell evaluated a few different solutions but came away impressed by Idaptive’s adaptive MFA, endpoint and mobile context, user behavior analytics and its on-premise App Gateway, which delivers secure remote access to internal web apps like SharePoint without the need for a VPN.

“The App Gateway allows us to provide mobile access to on-premises systems like annual leave and finance right out of the box without any network changes – it was just a matter of clicking a box in the app and then setting up a DNS connection,” Howell said. “Configuring additional policies like MFA requirements was also straightforward. It gave us a quick and easy deployment that also allowed us to phase out some of the VPNs we were using.”

The switch to Idaptive immediately alleviated the strain on Chugai’s IT department, allowing them to seamlessly introduce new apps on the platform and quickly get the rest of the company onboarded.

A Centralized Identity Management Solution

“With Idaptive, we’ve got one centralized identity management solution that covers our single-sign-on needs across all apps and addresses our EMM and MFA requirements as well,” Howell said. “That has saved us money and IT resources and allows us to build very specific policies around application access. There are so many benefits to centralization. It’s really quite complicated to integrate three separate tools and enable cross communication. We don’t worry about that anymore.”


Read more about how Chugai has streamlined their identity management solution here.

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