The Road to reInforce – Predictions with Our CMO

The inaugural AWS re:Inforce conference is taking place in Boston at the end of June. Cybersecurity has always been a component of AWS’ flagship re:Invent conference, but this will mark the first time AWS is hosting a conference specifically dedicated to cybersecurity. Dan Webb sat down with Alert Logic CMO Matt Selheimer to get his perspective on AWS re:inforce and what it will mean for AWS and Alert Logic customers.

Webb kicks things off by pointing out that AWS is entering a crowded landscape of cybersecurity conferences. There is no shortage of cybersecurity conferences already—ranging from heavily vendor-focused marketing events to heavily practitioner-focused events that share hacks and exploits. So, what will make AWS re:Inforce unique?

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“AWS does a really fantastic job with their conferences of making them real—making them practical,” explained Selheimer. “The number of cybersecurity conferences over the years have gotten a little ‘over the top’, shall we say, and I think AWS is really going to bring a lot of practical guidance to customers.”

The two discuss the general perception that cybersecurity is often seen as an obstacle—something that gets in the way of progress and productivity. However, from startups that want a partner to focus on cybersecurity so they can focus on building their business, to large, established enterprises that want to leverage the scale, performance, and cost efficiencies of the cloud and manage the shared responsibility model, there is an understanding that effective cybersecurity is crucial.

Selheimer stressed that cybersecurity is becoming a selling point—a competitive differentiator that sets companies apart from the pack.

They talked about how Alert Logic and AWS share a customer-obsessed focus, and how Alert Logic recognizes the fatigue many organizations and IT professionals face. Cybersecurity can be overwhelming, and it can be daunting to try and make sense of the “acronym soup” of tools and options—as Selheimer put it—to implement and manage cybersecurity effectively. Ultimately, companies don’t want an IDS, or a SIEM, or a WAF—what they want is confidence and peace of mind.

The two discuss how Alert Logic works with AWS—combining machine learning and human expertise to sift through cybersecurity data to find the proverbial needle in a stack of needles. Cybersecurity is a 24/7/365 operation, and Alert Logic is there around the clock with the platform, intelligence, and expertise customers need to have confidence that their cloud workloads are secure.

For more thoughts on the upcoming AWS re:Inforce, check out the vlog below:

Alert Logic is a sponsor of AWS re:Inforce and we will be there in Boston, June 25-26.  Visit Alert Logic at Booth #531 to learn more about AWS security and how Alert Logic SIEMless Threat Management can help you address the challenges of AWS security effectively.

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