inFactor Scans with Netsparker Following Every Code Deployment

“At inFactor, we believe that our security-focused culture is fundamental in helping protect our platform and customers. Netsparker enables our team to quickly identify vulnerabilities by launching scans after code gets committed. This is vital in helping us ensure we catch vulnerabilities early in our development process.” – Eric Wright, CTO at inFactor

inFactor is a Financial Technology company committed to bringing clarity and security to small business financing. Through the inFactor Platform, the company has developed the first Secure Funding Ecosystem™ which enables finance companies to manage the entire lifecycle of loans and merchant cash advances to small businesses across the US.

Security is vital in this process, as the inFactor Platform provides an unparalleled level of data integrity in payment reporting, as the platform manages every transaction in real-time.

Simplicity for Startups

inFactor looked at various web application security scanners before selecting Netsparker. One major factor that affected their choice was Netsparker’s ease of use – it took “little to no time to get off the ground and running,” according to inFactor’s CTO, Eric Wright. Like all startups, inFactor was faced with the difficulty of juggling many competing priorities.

“The ability to quickly implement a product while not being resource intensive was a major decision factor for our team,” Eric explained. Simplicity of installation and configuration was “by far one of the major reasons we decided to move forward with the Netsparker product.”

Security Throughout the Entire SDLC

Security is very important to inFactor and a big part of its culture. inFactor started using Netsparker products in 2019 and now employs Netsparker Enterprise to manage security for all their websites and environments.  

Currently, the inFactor Platform is built on a micro-services architecture that is made up of thirteen different microservices. Web application security scans are scheduled to run once a week as a matter of security routine, and following every deployment of new code. In some environments, this means Netsparker is in constant use, since inFactor deploys code daily.

About inFactor

inFactor is on a mission to bring clarity and security to small business financing. Their Software as a Service (SAAS) brings security and transparency to all of the parties involved in small business lending, bringing customers a fast and easy way to manage all aspects of their small business loans.

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