I’m Just Not Smart Enough to Work in Tech

“You work in tech! Wow, you must be so smart. I wish I was that smart. I’m just not smart enough to work in tech.”

That’s what I used to say to people when I would get asked why I wasn’t in the same field and making the same money they were. After all I only had a GED, and I didn’t care at all about computers or tech. All I had was an off-the-shelf eMachine I borrowed money to buy from Walmart. It wouldn’t even play the vanilla version of World Of Warcraft, until I added 256 MB of RAM. Even then my frame rate was low and my latency was high. Then I figured out how to overclock my processor and how to extend my wireless range to piggy back off the public library for free high speed internet. Of course, this came with a complementary crash course of how to install the proper endpoint protection, anti-virus, and a firewall on the DMZ, acting as a gateway doing stateful packet inspection between the network and the router, but I wasn’t smart enough to be in tech.

At the time I was working as a waiter, because I was an amateur boxer in my early 20’s. In between that and nailing your girlfriend, I spent my time modding Blizzard games and evading permanent suspensions for getting caught modding Blizzard games. I just didn’t have time to go to school and finish ALL my classes. I had train! And if I wanted to retire rich I was going to have work hard now as a fighter. I just didn’t have time to learn tech. Besides I wasn’t that good at it. Needless to say, I wasn’t the type of techie nerd who spent all day long staring at matrixes (Read more...)

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