How data science and machine learning are affecting cybersecurity

Anu Yamunan, VP of product management and research at Exabeam, discusses her 18 years of experience designing and securing products, and how data science and machine learning are being used in the cybersecurity industry.

In the podcast, Yamunan and host Chris Sienko discuss:

– How did you first get interested in computers and security? (1:15)
– What are your daily job duties and favorite aspects of the job? (3:00)
– What previous jobs and skills helped you springboard into your current position? (4:50)
– What are data science and machine learning? (7:50)
– What are the skills, certifications and background needed to get involved in cybersecurity machine learning and data science? (11:25)
– What has been your experience as a women in the cybersecurity field? (13:35)
– What are you thoughts on finding and recruiting more diverse candidates? (16:05)
– What tips would you give to women entering the world of cybersecurity? (20:15)
– What are some upcoming innovations in data science and machine learning that you’re looking forward to? (24:20)

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