5 ways to stand out in a cybersecurity job interview


Your phone rings — it’s the company you submitted an application to a few days ago. They love your resume and they want you to come in for a formal interview. Congratulations! 

But now what? Your nerves are buzzing with anticipation because you want the interview to be perfect. You want to be the best candidate they have, wowing them with your technical knowledge and people skills. 

It’s natural to be nervous, but don’t panic! 

A job interview is the first step towards getting your cybersecurity dream job. Interviews can be stressful, but they’re also a great opportunity to learn more about the role and meet the people who may one day be your co-workers. With the right preparation, you’ll make a lasting impression that will have the company excited to call you back. 

Take a look at our top tips for how to stand out in a cybersecurity job interview: 

Prepare strategically 

It’s common knowledge that candidates should prepare before an interview instead of doing it off-the-cuff. Knowing how to prepare can be a little trickier, though, and candidates often find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of studying and practicing they want to cram in before the big day. To avoid pre-interview burnout, identify a few key things you want to accomplish during your practice session. 

Here’s what you should do the day before your interview: 

  1. Practice responses to common information security interview questions. Pay special attention to questions that overlap with the job description. Try to think of real-life examples when you implemented that skill, technology or solution — while most interviewers will entertain hypotheticals, what they really want to hear about are specific examples of when you’ve actually done those things
  2. If your interview is on-site, plot your route the day (Read more...)

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