Akamai Receives a Loyalty360 Top 10 Award

Customer experience is built into Akamai at the core. Our web performance and media delivery products have helped businesses provide seamless, secure digital experiences for years… whether it’s making sure your experience is flawless during a flash sale online to ensuring you can access your bank account online to streaming your favorite show on the device of your choice.

Our decision to acquire Janrain this year added to our customer experience capabilities. Identity Cloud, a cloud-based CIAM platform, enables businesses to manage and activate customers with seamless, omnichannel registration, authentication, and preference management capabilities.

What does that mean for you? Fast, easy login to all your favorite brands from any device… even using your social credentials to register and login. What does that mean for businesses? Simple, secure identity management that eliminates data silos and centralizes profile access management.

Identity Cloud was a natural fit into Akamai’s portfolio of solutions, and we were recently recognized for our commitment to helping businesses improve customer loyalty by being awarded Loyalty360 Top 10 Award in the Technologies category!

Loyalty360’s Top 10 Awards recognize those that have gone above and beyond in their commitment to not only Loyalty360, but have shown a unique drive, passion, focus and commitment to advance the customer loyalty landscape, and Akamai is a proud recipient.

Learn more about how your business could benefit from a customer identity and access management solution (CIAM) or about the capabilities of Identity Cloud.

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