Tax Fraud and the Dark Web in 2019

As Americans rushed to get their taxes submitted over the past month, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued consumer alerts about a long list of tax scams. Here are just some of the scams that are described in detail at their website:

  • IRS warns of new phone scam using Taxpayer Advocate Service numbers
  • IRS: Don’t be victim to a “ghost” tax return preparer
  • IRS warns of “Tax Transcript” email scam; dangers to business networks
  • IRS warns of scams related to natural disasters
  • IRS, Security Summit Partners warn of new twist on phone scam; crooks direct taxpayers to to “verify” calls
  • IRS-Impersonation Telephone Scams

The IRS website also describes how to report tax-related schemes, scams, identity theft and fraud.

New Report on Tax Fraud and the Dark Web Released This Week

Just this past week, a startling new report was released on the growing problems associated with tax-related fraud online. Here’s an introduction from the extensive Carbon Black report:  

“Research into various marketplaces on the dark web found W-2 forms, 1040 forms and how-to guides for illicitly cashing out tax returns available. W-2s and 1040s are available on the dark web at relatively low cost, ranging from $1.04 to $52. Names, Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and birthdates can be obtained for a price ranging from $0.19 to $62.

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