How to become an IT auditor

Becoming an IT auditor is a significant milestone, but it is not easy. It requires skill, determination and a lot of practice to get to the level where you can confidently certify your skills and knowledge. It’s also a great career choice if you already have some IT security knowledge, so certifying would be a great move.

We will look at some of the basics required for a potential IT auditor such as job skills, certifications and the job responsibilities that you will need to undertake when you are on the job.

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The basic job responsibilities of an IT auditor

IT auditing is a role that requires concentration, attention to detail and a lot of hard work. It rewards creativity and thinking outside of the box because in order to be a successful IT auditor, you must understand how to compromise systems and report on the resulting findings while following procedures and protocols within the scope of your investigation.

As an IT auditor, it is your job to identify all issues you come across that are set out in your investigation’s scope. You should be able to communicate well and relay messages to your team members accurately and effectively. Recording and keeping track of all the steps that you followed during the course of your investigation is also critical, especially if any of your findings are called into question.

The most common tasks that you will undertake as an IT auditor will be documentation and audit process planning. This is the way that your audit will be conducted, as well as the objectives that you wish to accomplish during the investigation, so it is very important and makes up a large part of your workload. Conducting the actual audits is a big part of the role, naturally, and will mean (Read more...)

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