RSA Conference 2019 Videos: Day 1

The RSA Conference is an interesting mix of security pundits, vendors, analysts and reporters, all in attendance (ostensibly) for the same reason: to better understand the current state of cybersecurity and discern what the future holds. This year’s event was no different.

As we do each year, the crack team at Security Boulevard interviewed a cross-section of the industry for an insider’s perspective, which we’ve compiled in a number of videos on our new sister site, Digital Anarchist. The following is the first in a few roundups of those interviews from RSAC 2019.

DevOps Connect:DevSecOps @ RSAC 2022

Stay tuned for further video roundups from the show—after all, we conducted a whopping 71 interviews, so there’s plenty to work with. Meanwhile, here’s the first batch. Enjoy!

Webroot Threat Report Results

Tyler Moffit, senior threat research analyst at Webroot, discusses the results of Webroot’s annual threat report, based on the analysis of 2018 threats. Not surprisingly, the news isn’t good.

Cloud’s Impact on Networking, Security

Richard Stiennon, IT Harvest analyst and author of “Secure Cloud Transformation,” discusses his new book, which looks at the impact the cloud has had on traditional networking and security.

Log Management and Security with Humio

Morten Gram of Humio discusses the role log management plays in the security space as companies become more data driven. As such, Humio is pushing beyond its traditional DevOps position into the realm of SecOps.

Third-Party Code Dangers with The Media Trust

Mike Bittner of The Media Trust talks about the dangers of third-party code and what companies can do to help keep their code—and their data—secure for themselves and their users.

Third-Party Risks with eSentire

Mark Sangster of eSentire discusses his company’s research on third-party risks and how they can impact a company’s supply chain.

AlienVault Becomes Part of AT&T Business

Javvad Malik, security advocate at the company formerly known as AlienVault, discusses his company’s recent acquisition by AT&T Business to become AT&T Cybersecurity and what it means for the security industry writ large.

Network Operations and Security

Bob Noel of Plixer talks about the importance of network operations in understanding and improving organization’s security posture.

SonicWall and Changes in the Security Space

Bill Conner of SonicWall discusses the changes that have occurred in the security space over the last 25-plus years, and how the company’s technology has evolved.

Check back to Security Boulevard for more RSA Conference video roundups. If you can’t wait, however, all of the videos are available for your viewing pleasure at Digital Anarchist.

Charlene O’Hanlon

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