FCC Coughs Up $43,000 For Hiding Net neutrality Records

You Can Bet The Chairman Will Be Implicated In This…

via Jon Brodkin, writing at Condé Nast media property Ars Technica, in which, Mr. Brodkin reports on bad news for Chairman Ajit Pai, as the FCC was forced to settle a suit (to the tune of 43K) brought by independent writer Jason Prechtel where the FCC refused to comply with a FOIA request for data related to the Commissions’repeal of net neutrality. Folks, that’s $43,000 of US taxpayer money paid out (legitimately) to a suit plaintiff (and rightly so, to cover his attorney’s fees and court costs), that would not have occurred if we had an honest FCC Chairman in place.

“The FCC didn’t comply with the request and allegedly didn’t even approve or deny the FoIA request within the legally allotted timeframe, so Prechtel sued the commission in September 2017. One year later, a US District Court judge presiding over the case ordered the FCC to stop withholding certain records sought by Prechtel, although the ruling didn’t give Prechtel everything he asked for.” via Jon Brodkin, writing at Ars Technica, in a report detailing a settlement forced on the FCC by Judge Christopher Cooper of US District Court for the District of Columbia (Ars Technica’s PDF link).

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