Creating a More Diverse Cybersecurity Workforce

On this episode of the Infosec Cyberspeak podcast, Ruth Gomel-Kafri, director of product design at the security policy company Tufin, discusses her work overseeing the company’s product design group and what it’s like to work at a cybersecurity organization with such an impressively diverse workforce.

In the podcast, Gomel-Kafri and host Chris Sienko discuss:

– How and when did you first get started in computers and security? (2:20)
– Tell us about Tufin and the types of services and products it provides? (8:15)
– How has cybersecurity and policy changed since you first got involved? (10:40)
– What is your workday like, and what are some of your favorite job aspects? (13:50)
– What is it like working in an organization with such a diverse workforce compared to previous organizations where you’ve worked? (18:10)
– Is crafting job listings and targeting them correctly a part of the process of finding and recruiting diverse candidates? (21:20)
– What can tech companies do to make themselves desirable to the professionals they’re trying to recruit? (25:30)
– What tips would you give to women entering the world of security? (27:10)
– Where do you see security policy and practices going in the years to come? (29:30)
– Can you recommend any Facebook or forum groups for women in the industry? (31:20)

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