ShiftLeft is 2019 RSA Innovation Sandbox Finalist!

What a way to start 2019!

Our groundbreaking innovation, ShiftLeft Ocular, has been nominated as a top ten finalist of the prestigious Innovation Sandbox Contest that’s run annually at the RSA Conference.

It is a great feeling to be recognized by our industry peers for our work and how it transforms the world of security. And this comes after winning a DevOps Dozen Award for Best New DevOps Solutions Company just last week!

We started our journey in 2017 with a foundational innovation — The Code Property Graph. For the first time, a software artifact could be visualized and queried as a graph. We have built three products based on this foundational technology — Ocular, Inspect and Protect.

ShiftLeft Ocular allows a software artifact to be examined and queried for technical and business logic vulnerabilities. It is also the only technology in the industry to detect data leaks from source code. You can try Ocular on your code by using this link —

ShiftLeft Inspect automates the above process in a CI/CD automation ready SAST offering with vulnerability prioritization in UAT or QA environments. ShiftLeft Inspect is the fastest analysis tool in the market and can analyze half a million lines of code in less than ten minutes.

ShiftLeft Protect uses the information from discovered vulnerabilities and data leaks to automatically create a security profile within minutes that protects an application in production.

We invite you to visit us in RSA Innovation Sandbox on March 4th at Marriott Marquis (Yerba Buena Ballroom) to see our CEO, Manish Gupta live on the stage.

Below is the actual “pitch video” that we included in our RSA Innovation Sandbox application for 2019

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