PCI Pal Enables PCI Compliance for SixPackAbs

PCI Pal, a secure payments provider to contact centers, today released their video case study of NewVoiceMedia’s Agent Assist Secure Payments technology for its new brand engagement with SixPackAbs, a provider of health and fitness solutions. Leveraging the NewVoiceMedia solution powered by PCI Pal, SixPackAbs utilises DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) masking technology to provide customers with a secure way of handling payments by phone without bringing their environments in scope of PCI DSS.

A recent report by PCI Pal and Verizon found that 72 percent of contact centers accept card not present payments. Given the growing use of contact centers for operations and sales support (according to JLL Research, contact centers generate over $300 billion in revenue each year) and the associated security risks, SixPackAbs implemented NewVoiceMedia’s technology, augmented by PCI Pal, to enable call center agents to take payment details over the phone without granting them access to the data. Agents are able to stay on the phone with customers and walk them through the process to facilitate a positive customer experience, while ensuring that there’s no opportunity for payment data to get written down or stolen.

Daniel Carroll, CTO, SixPackAbs comments, “When one of our agents is calling a customer, and it comes time for us to uptake credit card information to pay for an order, what they will be able to do is allow the customer to use their cell phone or whatever phone device they’re on in order to punch in the digits of their credit card information. The data is secured and masked, the agent never has any access to it, and in fact, our company never gets access to the unmasked data of the credit card. There is no opportunity for it to be written down on a piece of paper and lost.”

“We’re very proud of our partnership with NewVoiceMedia. The company’s award-winning cloud contact center solution helps businesses build personal relationships with every contact, and when paired with PCI Pal’s technology, it ensures secure payments for cardholder not present transactions,” said Darren Gill, VP Channels, North America, PCI Pal.

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