Kick-start your cloud security: The Facts [Infographic]

Kick-start your cloud security: The Facts [Infographic]

(Download cloud security infographic) – For many businesses, cyber security best practices have rushed to the top of the must-have list. Cloud security risks are increasing, and security budgets are rising to meet them.

As of the first quarter of 2018, UK businesses were spending anywhere between £41,000 and £150,000 on cyber security.

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The statistics below are staggering and impossible to ignore; raising the question is your organisation prepared for an inevitable cyber attack?

cloud security infographic: the facts

If your organisation knows it needs to take action to improve cloud security but is unsure where to start then this is your solution: download your simple-to-understand cloud security kick start guide:

  • Outlining the technologies you need to adopt
  • Quick wins which can deliver safer more secure internal processes
  • Plus the compelling evidence to secure executive buy-in

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