How Will the Indian E-commerce Industry Grow in 2018

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Shopping has apparently taken an altogether a new dimension with the advent of online business. Indian consumers are seen buying products through online most often. Right from the products of daily needs to luxurious items such as electronics. Anything one think of buying is just a click away and at the comfort of home. With the different mode of payment options, the online shopping experience becomes even for easy and satisfying. The option to return the products if received in damaged condition and cash on delivery makes shopping through online worthwhile.



Electronic commerce is the full name of E-commerce business. Commonly used as a sales term of the e-business. This business is conducted in many useful ways. It uses technologies like Mobile e-commerce, Online Transaction Processes, Online Marketing. It sells its products and services using the world wide web even for smaller marketing.

In the Indian context, the e-commerce industry shows very positive growth. Almost 70 to 80% of the people are estimated to access the internet through their mobile which makes the buying-selling process through online even more frequent. The biggest credit for this upsurge of E-commerce industry goes to the smartphone which has helped the online business and easy penetration in the given market. As the big players of E-commerce such as Flipkart and Amazon are engaging in a massive competition to occupy the maximum space in the E-business; this segment of the retail business has garnered the maximum attention.

In Indian scenario to succeed in the e-commerce business, it is imperative to market the products and services effectively. So, in order to succeed in here, people ought to sell their products in an effective way. To do that they must display their products on multiple websites.

However, some websites are attractive and reliable while others are not.

The biggest advantage that people get while shopping online is the liberty to choose the dealers and sellers which they find useful. People go by the advertisements displayed on various social media platforms. The products are also discussed on the seller’s web page and people too spread the word by talking about the benefits of their products or related offerings.

The growth in India E-Commerce industry is very evident as a large part of the customer base is shifting towards online marketing. This gives a boost to the E-commerce business.

This is clearly evident during the discount season when each player release discount coupons and bonus points to divert maximum traffic to their website. For instance, Amazon’s Great India Sale gives numerous discount offers, cash back offer for people to shop as much as possible on their website. They especially target the Credit/Debit cardholders.

The website plays an important interface between the customer and the sellers hence business owners are hiring SEO’S and SEM’s to design good contents for their website which they can use as an effective marketing tool for the advertisement of their products. To make their advertisements look effective they work hard on designing their homepage so that they get maximum visitors.

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