Firedome’s ‘Endpoint Protection’ solution for improved IoT security

Last month, Firedome Inc announced the launch of the world’s first endpoint cybersecurity solutions portfolio, specifically tailored to home IoT companies and manufacturers. Firedome has developed business models that allow companies to implement top-quality endpoint cybersecurity solutions to close critical security gaps that are a byproduct of the IoT era.

Home IoT devices are susceptible to cyber attacks due to the lack of regulation and budget limitations. Cryptojacking, DDoS and ransomware attacks are only a few examples of cyber crimes threaten the smart home ecosystem and consumer privacy.

The low margins in this industry have led to manufacturers facing trouble in implementing high-end cybersecurity solutions.

Features of ‘Firedome ‘Endpoint Protection’ solution:

  1. A lightweight software agent that can easily be added to any connected device (during the manufacturing process or later on, ‘over the air’),
  2. A cloud-based AI engine that collects and analyzes aggregated data from multiple fleets around the world, produces insights from each attack (or attack attempt) and optimizes them across the board.
  3. An accompanying 24/7 SOC team that responds to alerts, runs security researches and supports Firedome customers.

Firedome solution adds a dynamic layer of protection and is not only designed to prevent attacks from occurring in the first place but also to identify attack attempts and respond to breaches in real time, thereby eliminating damage potential until a firmware update is released.

The Firedome Home Solution enables industry players to provide their consumers with cyber protection and security insights for the entire home network.

Moti Shkolnik, Firedome’s Co-founder and CEO says that: “We are very excited to formally launch our suite of services and solutions for the home IoT industry and we strongly believe they have the potential of changing the Home IoT cybersecurity landscape. Device companies and other ecosystem players are craving a solution that is tailored to their needs and business constraints, a solution that will address the vulnerability that is so evident in endpoint devices. Home IoT devices are becoming a commodity and the industry must address these vulnerabilities sooner rather than later. That’s why our solution is a ‘must-have’ rather than a ‘nice-to-have’”

These solutions provided by Firedome has led to its selection by Universal Electronics Inc., the worldwide leader in universal control and sensing technologies for the smart home, to provide Cybersecurity Features to the Nevo® Butler Digital Assistant Platform product.

To know more about this news in detail, head over to Firedome’s official press release.

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