Don’t Let Security Needs Halt Your Digital Transformation. Imperva FlexProtect Offers Agile Security for any Enterprise.

Is your enterprise in the midst of a digital transformation? Of course it is. Doing business in today’s global marketplace is more competitive than ever. Automating your business processes and infusing them with always-on, real-time applications and other cutting-edge technology is key to keeping your customers happy, attracting and retaining good workers, transacting with your partners, and growing your business.

A transformation this sweeping doesn’t happen overnight, though. Mission-critical applications and processes can’t be swapped for new ones without risk to your bottom line. While all enterprises are moving to hosted applications or virtualized software hosted on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms such as AWS or Microsoft Azure, the reality is that it will take many years for them become all cloud — if ever.

In other words, many,  if not most enterprises have a hybrid IT infrastructure. And that’s not going to change for many years.

In the meantime you need security strong enough to protect your business and agile enough to cover your transforming infrastructure. That’s why Imperva has introduced a simpler way for organizations to deploy our family of security products and services, which we call FlexProtect. FlexProtect comes in three different plans: FlexProtect Pro, FlexProtect Plus, and FlexProtect Premier.

With the FlexProtect Plus and Premier plans, our analyst-recognized application and data security solutions protect your applications and data even as you migrate them from on-premises data centers to multiple cloud providers. Don’t let complicated, inflexible security licenses slow down your cloud migration. FlexProtect provides simple and predictable licensing that covers your entire IT infrastructure, even if you use multiple clouds for IaaS, and even as you move workloads between on-premises and clouds. With our powerful security analytics solutions available in all FlexProtect plans, you also have the visibility and control you need to help you manage your security wherever your assets are.

Imperva also offers a third option, FlexProtect Pro. This brings together five powerful SaaS-based Application Security capabilities to protect your edge from attack: Cloud WAF, Bot Protection, IP Reputation Intelligence, our Content Delivery Network (CDN) as well as our powerful Attack Analytics solution, which turns events into insights you can act on. FlexProtect Pro gives businesses simple application security delivered completely as a service.

Imperva is in the midst of its own transformation — learn more about the New Imperva here. That gives us keen insight into the challenges with which our customers are grappling. And that’s why we developed FlexProtect licensing, in order to better defend your business and its growth, wherever you are on your digital transformation journey. You’ll never have to choose between innovating for your customers and protecting what matters.

To learn more about FlexProtect, meet us at the RSA Conference March 4-8 in San Francisco. Stop by Booth 527 in the South Expo and hear directly from Imperva experts. You can also see a demo of our latest products in the areas of cloud app and data security and data risk analytics.

Imperva will also be at the AWS booth (1227 in the South Expo hall), where you’ll be able to hear how one of our cloud customers, an U.S.-based non-profit with nearly 40 million members, uses Imperva Autonomous Application Protection (AAP) to detect and mitigate potential application attacks, Tuesday, March 5th from 3:30 – 4:00 pm in the AWS booth. You can also see a demo of how our solutions work in cloud environments, Tuesday, March 5th 3:30-5 pm and Wednesday, March 6th, 11:30-2 pm.

Finally — I will be participating in the webinar “Cyber Security Battles: How to Prepare and Win” during RSA. It will be broadcast live at 9:30 am on March 6th and feature a Q&A discussion with several cybersecurity executives as they discuss the possibility of a cyber battle between AI systems, which some experts predict might be on the horizon in the next three to five years. Register and watch the live feed or recording for free!

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