Why We Strongly Advocate Ad Blocking: The Steg Affair

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via Dan GoodinSecurity Editor at the beloved Ars Technica, comes further proof of why we proselytize Ad Blocking both on the enterprise browser deployments, as well as network devices in (and on) all systems.

Furthermore, we strongly advise the implementation of individual element blocking – by user – and, train them on use (within reason) of that toolkit (most ad blocking browser extensions possess user-implemented element blocking).

Advertisement Blocking is absolutely essential (at this time, as crucial as anti-malware – as after all, advertising vectored through both browser and application display, as well as email should always be considered pernicious) in the effort to implement, deploy and maintain information security hygiene in the enterprise – and in personal spaces – as well. Of course, we also advise the utility of centralized ad-filtering, whether by device or software packages, in the datacenter and at home.

Now get back to work.

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