IoT Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions

What Exactly Is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is simply an interconnected array of electronic devices that are linked by the Internet, through which they can transmit and receive data. The original “thing” was a Coca Cola vending machine that was able to report back to HQ how many bottles of soda were left inside, and whether they were ice cold. But, along with the Internet, the world of IoT has come a long way since then. IoT is now a widespread and growing phenomenon that can be classified into two main domains: Consumer and Business:

Consumer IoT: Devices that are part of the smart home such as refrigerators, door locks, light bulbs, surveillance systems, as well as IoT consumer/lifestyle devices such as fitness bands, smartwatches, and drones.

Enterprise/Business IoT: Mainly segmented by its verticals to include devices such as electricity, gas, and water meters used by utility companies, and devices used in connected vehicles, retail, health, shipping, and agriculture.

The proliferation of IoT reached a significant milestone this year when the number of IoT devices exceeded the world’s population.

Growing Security Concerns Surrounding IoT Devices

IoT security issues have been growing in the past few years as it becomes increasingly apparent that IoT devices are, (Read more...)

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