Data is the New Currency – Own Your Data or Someone Else Will

Monday, January 28th is National Data Privacy Day, a strong reminder of why it is critical to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust in our digital world.  When reflecting upon last year’s blog , it became clear that 2018 delivered a reality slap – opening our eyes that data really has become the new currency. Organizations and individuals alike started to see grave consequences for not adequately safeguarding their data.  Much of this was amplified by the many high profile data privacy breach incidents and new data privacy regulations, like the EU’s GDPR and the California Security Privacy Act, came into effect. These new regulations protect consumers and could potentially have a dramatic financial impact an organizations.

Much progress has been made and yet, much awareness, planning and consistent global regulatory data privacy guidance is still needed. Especially given we are rapidly expanding our digital footprints to the incredible tune of around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day (yes – Quintillion!); 90% of which was created in just the past two years.  I suppose this is why I’m starting to feel like a character in the  Rockwell  song “Somebody’s Watching Me”. Little did he know in 1984 how true this would become with the internet and now the IoT data explosion. 

Many organizations revisited their privacy, compliance and audit practices in preparation for GDPR and now find themselves trying to determine the best approach to the many emerging (Read more...)

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