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On Data Breaches: Beware of Professional IT Pride Leading to a Fall

The better team does not always win.

The most qualified applicant does not always get the job.

The strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle.

We see this reality most clearly in sports. Upsets happen all the time. Underdogs beat the favorites.

For example, the Oakland Raiders rolled into FedEx field last Sunday night in Landover, Md., expecting to crush the (supposedly weaker) Washington Redskins. Most experts predicted an easy Oakland win, but to most everyone’s surprise, Washington dominated the game — winning 27-10. Just another NFL weekend you say?

More substantial sports upsets are recorded in history going back decades, such as Chaminade’s (David vs. Goliath huge) 1982 victory over Virginia in college basketball or the USA Olympic Hockey Team’s “Miracle on Ice” beating Russia in hockey in 1980.

But why? Why do the most talented professionals, the best sports and other teams, those who understand what it takes to get the job done right, still fail?

It may be that the underdog works harder, is clever (Trojan Horse-style), perseveres longer, does better research or has a better game-plan.

Sometimes, the favorite team is overconfident or underestimates his/her adversaries. They don’t bring their “A-players.” Or the “A-players” don’t bring their “A-game.”

We’ve heard it hundreds of times: Pride comes before a fall.

I like this clip from the movie The Patriot, in which Mel Gibson dramatically illustrates the point that pride can be a weakness, even in war:

Data Breach Lessons

But what does any of this have to do with data breaches or recent enterprise security incidents?

The conventional wisdom says the opposite is true. Overconfidence should be the last thing on the minds of any cybersecurity pros in the world right now. Companies are being hacked daily, so why even mention hubris (Read more...)

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