How Secure is Your Digital Presence?

Today, news headlines are filled with a seemingly endless stream of high-profile data breaches and malicious cyber attacks. From department stores, to airlines, social media platforms and financial institutions, everyone is a target. This year alone, billions of data records have been compromised. Increasingly, we are seeing the consequences of our digitally connected lives – yet many have not taken the time to truly understand the imminent risks.

Hacking data is big business for criminals and getting hacked has become “the new normal” for businesses and consumers. Cybercriminals are getting their hands on a breadth of data from names, to social security numbers, passwords, addresses, phone numbers, health records and more. If this is the new “normal,” it’s important to understand just how we got here and what businesses and consumers can do to protect their digital presence.

The Intersection of Technology and Cybercrime
If we look back over the past 15 years, there has always been a simultaneous evolution of cyber threats with the introduction of new technology. For most, life in 2003 was a bit different. You likely didn’t have a smartphone glued to the palm of your hand or a social media profile where you shared life moments. And chances are: your camera, phone, alarm clock, GPS and music player were all five separate pieces of plastic and metal.

Big tech moments, like the introduction of Facebook in 2004, the launch of the Apple iPhone in 2007 or the adoption of the cloud to store your music, photos (Read more...)

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