Bromium Secure Platform 4.1.4 Adds Threat Intelligence, Firefox Browsing, and More

  • Leverage Bromium Threat Cloud intelligence for real-time malware family and severity classifications
  • Enjoy safe native browsing using Mozilla Firefox with risky sites isolated in Bromium Secure Browser
  • Securely isolate the latest versions of Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and malicious link files

Bromium 4.1 Update 4 has arrived, and we’ve packed a ton of new features into this release for users, administrators, and security teams alike. We’re confident you’ll agree that this is the best Bromium Secure Platform release yet. Read on to learn about the many new features and enhanced capabilities we’ve introduced with Bromium 4.1.4.

Improved Threat Intelligence, Platform Resilience, and Supportability

  • Enhanced Threat Intelligence – New detection engine; automated non-disruptive detection rules updates
  • Automated Threat Classification – Cloud-based malware family identification for confirmed positive alerts
  • Extended Native Browsing – Beta support for native browsing using Mozilla Firefox
  • Simpler Workflows – Streamlined workflows for threat response and operational management
  • More Resilient Endpoints – Improved supportability and reporting for isolated application upgrades and changes

New Isolation Support

We’ve added support for new isolated applications in this release—including Microsoft Office 2019 and Adobe Reader DC 2019—plus new isolated “link” file types LNK and SLK that our security experts in Bromium Threat Labs have recently seen being used for malicious purposes by linking to other files within the environment.

Improved Threat Intelligence

Bromium 4.1.4 adds significant threat intelligence enhancements that improve the experience for users and administrators and allow security teams to cut through the noise to focus on just the true threats that are facing the organization. New additions include:

  • Remote, non-disruptive updates of Bromium Controller files for improved threat intelligence
  • Cloud severity results for file hashes on receipt of threat
  • Label threats with malware classifications and family names from threat intelligence
  • Automatic classification for true positive threats from threat intelligence

Additional Browser Freedom

We’re excited to introduce beta support for secure browsing using Firefox in Bromium Secure Platform 4.1.4. Our new Firefox Secure Browsing Extension (Firefox SBX) allows users to browse the web natively in Firefox for safe browsing activity, with high-risk browsing automatically routed to the isolated Bromium Secure Browser. This enhancement allows organizations to standardize on either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox—or offer users a choice between these browsers—with users able to spend the majority of their time browsing natively for common internet activity, while reserving isolated browsing just for phishing links and unknown or suspect websites. Watch this space for continuing developments, as Bromium support for Microsoft Edge in similar fashion is just around the corner as well!

These feature enhancements better support Bromium’s key use cases which utilize hardware-enforced application isolation and control to protect against malicious email attachments, spear phishing links, and weaponized file downloads.

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Bromium Secure Platform 4.1.4 is available now. Click here to request a demo. or download the Bromium Secure Platform data sheet.

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