HVI Blocks SIGRed, Prevents Zero-Day Execution from Suspicious Memory Regions

Windows DNS server remote code execution vulnerability permits full takeover of infected systems Wormable exploits can spread via malware between vulnerable computers without user interaction SIGRed vulnerability impacts nearly all versions of DNS in Windows Server dating back over 17 years Hypervisor Introspection (HVI) prevents zero-day code execution from suspicious ... Read More

MDR Creates New Revenue Opportunities for Managed Services Providers

Managed Detection and Response is one of the fastest growing areas of cybersecurity with a 30.4% CAGR Huge revenue opportunity with MDR for MSPs to help customers that lack security extended teams Opportunities involving MDR tend to be larger, stickier, and foster deeper customer relationships than tools MDR solves key ... Read More

Beyond the Hype – Putting MDR Service Providers to the Test with Forrester

Managed detection and response programs vary widely so carefully evaluate service provider competencies Beware of buzzwords in MDR vendor claims that provide little insight into their true service capabilities Focus your MDR goals on achieving superior security outcomes, not just on managing the flow of alerts Effective MDR integrates people, ... Read More

It’s Time to Step Up Linux Server and Container Workload Security

Linux Server security historically pales in comparison to what has long been available for Windows Servers Transient containers frequently run the most sensitive business workloads yet are blind to security teams Security often breaks when upgrading server OS or changing multi-distro Linux configurations Server Security for Linux and Containers Beta ... Read More

Adding MDR Services to EDR is an Easy Way to Improve Security Outcomes

EDR alerts require rapid and thorough investigation and response to deliver beneficial security outcomes Your business may be at risk and attackers can sneak in and remain if you don’t keep on top of your alerts Upgrading to MDR lets you quickly and painlessly add network security analytics visibility to ... Read More

Upgrading from EDR to MDR is Critical but Easier than You Think

EDR alerts do not lead to positive security outcomes without rapid and thorough investigation and response Your business is at risk and attackers have free reign if you don’t stay on top of your alerts at all times Upgrading to MDR lets you quickly and painlessly add network security analytics ... Read More

How to Evaluate Competing MDR Service Providers

Managed detection and response services vary widely so carefully evaluate competencies against your needs MDR delivery and execution success depends on the service provider’s people, processes, and technology Effective response requires game-planning pre-approved actions and escalations for foreseeable events ... Read More

Are You Ready for Managed Detection and Response?

Security’s challenge is matching awareness of external threats to internal goals and the ability to execute Managed Detection and Response addresses key customer gaps in visibility, alerts, skills, and outcomes Outsourcing security operations to a managed SOC allows internal teams to focus on higher-value projects ... Read More

Hypervisor Introspection Thwarts Web Memory Corruption Attack in the Wild

New remote memory corruption vulnerability in Internet Explorer browsers allows for full takeover of infected systems Bitdefender has confirmed exploitation in the wild of CVE-2020-0674 with analysis of 2 distinct executable payloads Hypervisor Introspection delivers true zero-day protection by preventing all common memory exploit techniques ... Read More

GravityZone Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises Now Generally Available

Bitdefender announces the general availability release of GravityZone Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises Automates suspicious file submission from standard ICAP clients including web, email, and cloud gateways Improves targeted attack detection through Golden Image management and parallel sample detonation ... Read More