Three Ways to Ensure We Win the AI Cyber Arms Race

October, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), is winding down, but there are important conversations that still need to happen. While we (the cybersecurity community) take this month to revel in what we do –making the world a safer place – we don’t stop working. At the heart of our efforts is this year’s NCSAM message, “Cybersecurity is our shared responsibility and we all must work together to improve our Nation’s Cybersecurity.”

Over my twenty plus years in cybersecurity, I’ve seen a lot change and very little change all at the same time. To me, the biggest change is simply the staggering growth of our industry. As one small data point, consider that RSA Conference grew from 2,500 attendees in 1997 to over 40,000 this past year. The cybersecurity ecosystem has matured to meet the growing demand. However, while we’ve certainly made progress, what hasn’t changed all that much is the continuing struggle organizations face with basic security issues related to protecting sensitive information.

Many in the cybersecurity community feel we are on the verge of seeing real change in helping organizations solve these most fundamental issues. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) hold great promise in helping organizations more intelligently and expeditiously triage the flood of security threats and alerts that inundate them daily. And while AI/ML are a beacon of hope for defending organizations against damaging data breaches, threat actors also use them to launch bigger and more sophisticated attacks.

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