Public Sector Tech Security: Take Care Before a Catastrophe Occurs

In today’s world, digital security is more important than ever. Long gone are the days where you only needed to worry about physical security for offices. Now, banks, law offices, government facilities, and private companies all depend on their technology being protected from a range of threats. It’s essential for a seamless continuity of daily life to identify and quickly respond to these threats as they occur.

That is why it’s prudent to invest in tech security.

A common and growing threat is ransomware. This involves a hacker entering through an unsecured line on the network. From there, they inject their code. Once they do this, it is much easier for them to get the backdoor access they need. With a few strokes of the keyboard, they gain total control.

From there, they infect it with a virus and shut you out of your system. They then demand payment before restoring access to your files. There could be financial data, sales records, health records, or other sensitive data there.

Certain people might have motives other than holding your information for ransom. They might be working for less ethical competitors. They may intend to steal your identity. Tech that is not secure is at risk.

What does it actually look like when you’re the victim of a ransomware attack? The results vary, but it has bankrupted entire companies, hospitals, and more.

Many recent incidents involve credit cards. This is one of the biggest risks that cyber-criminals pose to companies. It can be costly to find the criminals and recuperate losses. Additionally, it could ruin your business’s reputation.

Credit card machines usually store information in a server. If these aren’t updated when they should be, they’re left vulnerable to attack. This enables hackers to find weaknesses. Once they inject their own code, they have access to your data and that of your customers, causing a PR nightmare.

Your data is one of the things that keeps your business competitive. This includes sales techniques, product materials, manufacturing secrets, and other confidential information. That’s why trade data falling into the wrong hands is so dangerous. You need to take steps to make sure everything is encrypted or you could lose what gives you a competitive edge.

With so many potential liabilities, it’s important to know how to protect yourself from an attack.

If you don’t know where your weak spots are, then it’s impossible to defend against them. That is why vulnerability assessments are a critical part of your digital security strategy. They help you identify what parts of your systems are exposed and so you can fortify them.

A penetration assessment identifies where potential weak points are in your security. They’re live action tests where a security expert attempts to hack into the system. They take the same steps that a cyber criminal would and document what they were able to do. This points out glaring weaknesses so they can be strengthened.

Unfortunately, you simply can’t protect against every threat in the world. The threats to your company or organization could range from a local hacker to a foreign entity. A risk assessment lets you know how likely it is that this will happen.

There is a lot of software available, such as firewalls, packet sniffers, and network monitors. Your need depends on in part, on your existing network. You should consult a professional to get the best system for your organization.

Cybersecurity isn’t something to take chances with. You need to have a complete plan to protect you and your organization. Otherwise, you could end up with dangerous information in the wrong hands. This could result in a discredited business or an empty bank account. It just makes sense to invest in the right tech to stay secure in today’s world.

Maha Amircani

Author Bio: Maha Amircani is an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia and founder of Amircani Law. A Georgia native born to immigrant parents from Egypt, Maha represents clients in city, state and federal court litigation as well as administrative proceedings. Her practice specializes in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, and real estate closings. Maha can be reached on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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