PRC Stealing Intellectual Property, Despite Agreements?

The International Cyber Policy Centre, as evidenced within it’s latest report ‘Is China still stealing Western IP?‘ authored by Dr. Adam Segal, Director: Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Dr. Samantha Hoffman, Non-resident Fellow – ICPC, Fergus Hanson, Head of International Cyber Policy Centre and Tom Uren, Visiting Fellow – Cybersecurity. Read the Report’s results, targeting the three countries under scrutiny.

‘”Despite initial hopes that China had accepted a distinction between (legitimate) traditional political–military espionage and (illegal) espionage to advantage commercial companies, assessments from the three countries suggest that this might be wishful thinking. China appears to have come to the conclusion that the combination of improved techniques and more focused efforts have reduced Western frustration to levels that will be tolerated. Unless the targeted states ramp up pressure and potential costs, China is likely to continue its current approach.” – via Is China still stealing Western IP

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