MPOWER 2018: How can SOAR help you measure ROI for your SOC?

Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) goes beyond optimizing your security operations center (SOC) by integrating your people, processes and technology. Visit us at MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit 2018, booth #402, to learn how!

Why SOAR for measuring ROI?

If you’re a manager, director or CISO, you’re tasked with understanding and tracking ROI across a variety of security information and event management (SIEM), endpoint detection and response (EDR), threat intelligence, endpoint and sandbox toolsets, as well as your team members. This can get tricky and time consuming.

That’s where SOAR comes in.

When used for ROI tracking, SOAR solutions uncover how processes and tools contribute to overall security operations ROI, allowing you to make smarter budget allocation decisions.

Here are three metrics SOAR can help you track when measuring the ROI of your SOC:

  1. Mean time to resolution (MTTR): SOAR solutions establish the effectiveness of security operations by helping you better track and understand MTTR. A SOAR platform can record every step within the incident response process, enabling you to better understand where you are getting the best ROI. This comprehensive tracking allows you and your team to reduce MTTR while also uncovering potential areas for improvement.
  2. Staff efficiency: While SOAR solutions are known to allow you to do more with the people you have, SOAR also provides you with detailed individual and team performance metrics. This enables you to optimize the team you do have. And with a projected staffing shortage of upwards of 3.5 million security jobs by 2021, an efficient team is critical. In a single dashboard, you can see your employees respond to different types of incidents, making it easy to track areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.
  3. Tools and technology: It’s common to have technology stacks with multiple tools of the same technology category. To understand the impact of an individual security tool within your SOC, you must evaluate its contribution to the security posture compared to other tools. SOAR solutions bolster efficiency by tracking these tools and reporting on their performance, which allows you to assess their overall impact and make strategic budgetary decisions.

Automation helps you maximize the value of your SOC

SOAR solutions primarily cut costs by automating time-intensive incident response tasks. Tracking the difference between manual incident response execution and an automated solution helps establish ROI.

Visit us at MPOWER 2018 booth #402 to learn more!

Swimlane’s SOAR platform enables your entire security team to streamline processes, increasing the output of your staff and technology stack. Swimlane combines key metrics and presents them in a comprehensive dashboard that highlights optimization opportunities and the ROI for each security component. This information then provides insights into total costs, team performance, incident response processes and efficiency while supporting strategic decision making.


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