CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Certification: An Overview


What are organizational leaders going to do about today’s IT skills gap and to help keep their non-technical employees current with the rapid pace at which the tech sector is evolving? The answer could be upskilling the workforce with a certification like CompTIA’s IT Fundamentals+. This credential is quickly gaining an important role as basic stepping stone for a variety of students and professionals.

IT Fundamentals+ is great at providing a broader understanding of the entire IT field so that a professional can decide not only whether a career in IT is the right choice, but also which area of this wide field is the most interesting for his or her future. In addition to creating a path for entry-level roles, it is also a great way for non-technical professionals and end users to acquire more advanced IT skills to enhance their career and increase their productivity and marketability in business environments that more and more require IT literacy. The certification can also help shape curricula for younger students by providing a framework of basic topics that anyone should be aware of nowadays in this field. It is also, of course, a good preparation for other professional-level certifications.

IT Fundamentals+ is offered by CompTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association), a provider of vendor-neutral skills certifications for the global information technology industry that has built a good reputation for skill development. IT Fundamentals+ fits in the group of certifications dedicated to core knowledge, just like A+, Network+ and Security+. However, it concentrates on demonstrating the professional’s “readiness for the digital workplace, covering networking and cybersecurity essentials to hardware and software basics,” as CompTIA says. The company also notes that if technology spending outside of IT was 20 percent of total technology spending at the beginning of the millennium, as it (Read more...)

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