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Open sourcing release plugin `sbt-ci-release-early`

Today we’re happy to announce another open source project: sbt-ci-release-early. It’s an sbt plugin that takes care of automatically releasing your projects including git tags, and supports both your in-house setup (e.g. jenkins/artifactory) as well as your public builds (e.g.

In essence, it allows you to fully automatically release a new version for every successful CI build. The resulting artifacts have normal versions, e.g. 1.2.3 rather than something cryptic like 1.0.0+0–1234abcd+20140707–1030.

It was born from a mix of wanting to get rid of SNAPSHOT dependencies and shortcomings from alternative plugins. If you’re still using SNAPSHOT dependencies, please read the following quote from the readme:

SNAPSHOT dependencies are evil because they:
* are mutable, i.e. your builds aren’t reproducible
* slow down your build, because sbt has to check for updates all the time
* involve (sometimes multiple layers) of caches, which tend to break and add complexity if you try to debug a problem

Setup is as straightforward as it can be: very simple for in-house setups, a little more involved for public builds for reasons we don’t control.
Shiftleft is using it for all our internal and public sbt builds, and it even releases itself 🙂

Give it a try:

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