Network+: Overview of Domains

The latest version of the CompTIA Network+ N10-006 exam has been launched this year, and with it comes a few changes. The exam tests the candidate’s knowledge about configuring, troubleshooting and installing network components, both wired and wireless. These skills include:

  • Network design and connectivity considerations
  • Network documentation, including how to create and maintain it effectively
  • Identify and resolve network limitations and weaknesses
  • Network security implementation, and the standards and protocols associated with each type

Once a candidate has successfully passed their Network+ examination, they will possess fundamental knowledge of commonly-used technologies such as unified communications, mobile device implementations, cloud computing and virtualization.

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What Domains Are Covered On the Network+ Exam?

There are five domains in total, and each one has its own weighting within the context of the overall exam. This weighting is represented with a percentage value that shows how much of a passing score is dependent on each domain. The current version of the exam carries the designation N10-006 and has a maximum of 90 questions. The question format is a mixture between multiple-choice and performance-based questions and lasts 90 minutes.

Candidates do not have to possess any other qualifications in order to sit for the Network+ N10-007 exam. However, it will certainly help if they have experience in network support and/or administration, a CompTIA A+ certification or a similarly-geared academic training certification that teaches basic computer and networking concepts.

The Five Domains

  1. Networking Concepts
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Network Operations
  4. Network Security
  5. Network Troubleshooting and Tools

How Often Are the Network+ Domains Updated?

The current CompTIA update cycle for the Network+ exam is around three years. This is in line with some of CompTIA’s other certification programs such as the ever-popular CompTIA A+ exam.

How Are the Domain Percentages Weighted for the Network+ Exam?

The exam objectives, also known (Read more...)

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