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SBN How to Become Network+ Certified – Certification Requirements

Getting your Network+ certification is not as much of a long shot as you might think. Although the material is still substantial in its coverage of networking concepts, technologies and best practices, you’ll find that it more than pays for itself afterwards. Employers see this certification as especially important when candidates are required to maintain an organization’s networking systems, infrastructure and network operations and related tasks.

In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why you might consider the globally-recognized CompTIA certification and what the best way to do it would be. We’ll also learn about what is needed to pass the exam and walk away with the CompTIA Network+ certification.

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Why Certify With Network+?

We all have to start our IT journey somewhere and for many people, the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA N+ are the best places to jump in. CompTIA has been one of a select few global leaders in the IT training industry for decades, helping IT professionals get the right start to their careers.

Why bother certifying? Now, more than ever, becoming certified is essential if you are going to stand out from the group of candidates when applying for a position. The chances are high that the people that have applied for the same position as you have some kind of CompTIA certification, potentially putting you at a disadvantage.

Or perhaps you’re already employed, and you would like to further your knowledge of networking theory and technologies, but you need to get started with the basics. CompTIA has a comprehensive skills map called the CompTIA Career Pathway which will help you decide which direction you wish to take your IT career, making the Network+ exam an excellent starting point.

What Are the Requirements Necessary to Take the Network+?

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