SBN Data-Driven Enterprises Must Balance Data Science with Data Security

data securityWe all know data is extremely valuable. Enterprises are built on data, enterprises consume data, enterprises build products and ecosystems around and for data. Access, visibility, and data analytics provide organizations the ability to make better business decisions.

But data-driven enterprises face a balancing act between data science and protecting sensitive information.

This SC Media article, “Internal auditors identify cyber-security as top risk,” cites organizations’ top three concerns as cyber-security (66%), compliance (58%) and data security at (58%), according to a report from the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (CIIA) which surveyed 300 Chief Audit Executives (CAEs).

In relation to GDPR, these fears are well founded. Regulators can freeze a noncompliant enterprise’s operations and their ability to process data – regardless of which party was found liable for a breach – effectively bringing their business to a halt. The report also notes that the data processor, data owner and data controller can be held personally liable for breaches even within the cloud infrastructure.

Fortunately, these fears can be allayed. Enterprises can enforce data security from the point of landing, during transformation and consumption, while at rest, and in transit with the Protegrity Prime data security platform. Protegrity ensures sensitive information is protected regardless of platform or where it travels, without impacting performance or analytic value.

To learn more about how Protegrity’s fine grain controls enhance native data protection, join this co-hosted webinar, “Protegrity: Enhancing Data Security with Pivotal Greenplum,” on Wednesday, October 3 at 9 a.m. PST. See you there!

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